Cardio… before or after weight training?

For many the new year is a great time to begin their path to all their fitness and health resolutions and goals. Since the winter and the holidays are a tough time to keep the fat off I have been getting a lot of questions regarding cardio and fat loss.  A question I have been asked lately is, “Should I do my cardio before or after my weight training workout?”

     It all depends on what your goals are. If training for performance is your goal than start with whichever component you would like to improve in. If you want to become stronger, lift first. If you want to improve your mile time, run first. This time of year the focus seems to be on fat loss. If fat loss is your goal do your cardio after. After a great weight training workout your energy stores are wiped and there is only one thing left to burn……fat! Cardio AFTER weight training actually makes it more effective.

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