Burning Fat without running (eliptical interval training)

The good news about the very popular (and effective) high intensity interval training (HIIT) is that it is a set of principles that can be used on any piece of cardio equipment.

A period where heart rate and intensity are high followed by a period of rest or low intensity. This creates a high interval and a low interval.

Today’s example we will use the Elliptical and a 2:1 ratio of high to low using minutes as our intervals. So in this case we would perform 2 minutes high followed by 1 minute low. Make sense?

Elliptical (resistance intervals)

Today lets make “resistance” our changing interval. After a warm up you will be adding the resistance on the elliptical. There should be a button on the machine to adjust the resistance. It should make it heavier to push like you’re walking through snow or mud. This is typically designated by a number (usually between 0-15)

Pick one of the following resistance level which applies (beginner=5) (intermediate= 10) (advanced= 15)

After a 3 minute warm-up at level 0 (this might be #1 on some machines) you will switch between your choice of high resistance level and a low level of 0.

Here is an example for a beginner.

3 minute@ 0 (warm-up)
2 min @ 5
1 min@ 0
2 min @ 5
1 min@ 0

etc, etc…. Cardio intervals are most effective I find between 20 and 40 total minutes.

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