Breakfast, not breakslow

Eat breakfast!

I know you’ve heard it before, but just do it. I’ll give you a tip. If you repeatedly hear a health tip, like “eat breakfast” over and over and over and over, it probably has some merit! Yet everyone will try some new magic trick to lose weight that is brand new. If advice like “eat breakfast” has stood the test of time and study after study, it is worth doing.

“But I can’t eat breakfast, I’m not hungry”.- That is a pretty standard response I hear from clients. My advice is to start with liquids or anything that appeals to the stomach (within reason). You should start considering that not eating breakfast is no longer an option. I hate hearing that someone doesn’t eat breakfast. I know right out of the gate that this person’s metabolism is “crawling” and needs to be rehabbed. You will not lose weight effectively if you do not have a healthy metabolism.

Try to at least have a smoothie, glass of OJ, milk or toast, just to start. We don’t need to have the perfect breakfast yet. I find that as someone starts to eat earlier in the morning, when they typically¬†hadn’t before,¬†that they actually start to gain an appetite in the morning. I take that as sign that their metabolism is speeding-up and weight loss may follow.

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