Alternating Dumbbell Floor Press

  This is the Alternating DB Floor Press. It’s great at testing and developing unilateral strength and with the non-moving arm held extending it really adds time under tension. This can certainly be done on a bench, also. I recorded the Floor Press version because it can be perfect for the group setting where there […]


Confessions of a Personal Trainer: The Podcast

  As you can tell long-form writing such as full blog posts is difficult for me to do consistently. It is both more efficient and productive if I speak via video (like YouTube or instagram) or record a podcast. So, that’s what I did. Lots of practice needed but I’m on my way. I’ll be […]


How to Do “Landmine” Exercises

A “Landmine” exercise is describing the use of a certain set-up involving a barbell that is anchored on one end while the other end is used as the load for the exercise. Beyond just adding variety to a training program it’s an easy way to add or reduce weight by simply using weight plates on the […]


Confessions of a Personal Trainer: Dream Come True?

As many people in my circles know by now I am leaving Boston and opening my own Strength and Conditioning facility on the Seacoast in New Hampshire. When I originally announced it to co-workers, clients, athletes, friends, and family the response was extremely positive and sincere. People were very happy for me. Many people would respond […]


Why You’re a Great Personal Trainer but Can’t Get Clients.

It’s been 13 years since swiping key tags in Bristol, Rhode Island at Roger William University’s brand new athletic center. Between my sister who went to Providence College and myself at RWU at the same time, we had to fight for the largest financial aid packages we could get. That included “Work Study” hours. Even […]


Snow Day Gainz!

  If you’re like me you’re stuck at home due to the snow storm in Boston, which can be great if you want some time off of work but stinks when you about them gainzzz. There are a gazillion (I counted) posts for bodyweight and “at-home” workouts for the general population on the interwebs. That’s […]


A “Whole” lot of Protein

  The importance of protein in one’s diet has become increasingly clear and moderate to high protein diets have become increasingly popular, as they should. But, in this post I’m not going to delve into the nutritional science of protein and its effects on you diet, body and health. I’d rather assist readers in their […]


I Was Suppose to PR, What Happened?

Many strength training programs are designed with an improvement of a 1RM (1 repetition maximum) as the goal. In other words the program is designed for you to increase your capacity to move a load, just once, of a desired lift. While establishing  3, 5, or even 10 rep maximums should be a goal of […]


Deload Week: Stay Focused by Refocusing on these 5 Things

Earlier today I bitched on Facebook (that’s this social media platform thingy where people whine all day if you haven’t heard of it) that Deload Week is boring.  There is no doubt that it comes off a little lackluster to the competitive iron warrior in us all. So,  let’s survive it together by re-focusing that […]