Become a Personal Trainer!

Have you ever considered being a Personal Trainer! Here is your chance.

Don’t know much about exercise?…..doesn’t matter!

Don’t have a degree in health sciences?……..who cares!

Never had any training regarding fitness?……..big deal!

Got a couple hundred bucks?……You’re in.

You can be a Personal Trainer…just….like….me!!!!

American Sports and Fitness Association!!!

Just take the test and you only pay if you pass!

I wish I could say finding this surprised me, but it didn’t. It sent a shiver up my spine. A 100 question test and you’re a certified personal trainer? This is the reason I get insecure when discussing careers with new people I meet.

“Oh you’re an Accountant? Yeah, I’m a Personal Trainer.”

It’s because I have to be thrown in with these knucklehead trainers that passed this gem of test and paid for a certification……..Scary. My clients could pass this test. “ASS-FA” is a cancer to this industry.

Please research a personal trainer’s credentials before working with them!

Sorry for the venting,


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  • Cyndi Peterschick

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    I am not sure I understand your question but thank you for your compliments and good luck with your blog!

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