Awesome Exercise Invention of the Week: Tabata Pro IPhone app

Good thing for my clients. They seem to always be the ones showing me these cool new tech apps. After it was featured in Men’s Health Magazine a long time client Sean expressed his love for this Tabata app. Tabata allows you to set up your own intervals (we all know how much I advocate HIIT). It times everything and even allows you to select a playlist which can be assigned to “work” and “rest” periods. Instead of staring at the clock on the treadmill to time your intervals you can set it up on the Tabata and change speeds according to the music being played. A little Metallica for the sprints and maybe some Barry Manilow during rest periods….whatever your cup of tea. It is especially helpful when performing intervals without a convenient clock like a treadmill would have. Maybe you are doing jump rope intervals or you’re outside or on a run. No need to check the watch just listen to the music.

I embedded a youtube review (it’s not me) on the application ($3). -Josh


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