Athletes: get the real deal on their injuries and be a better fantasy owner

Being a huge sports fan myself I always had an idea of writing about current sports injuries. You know. something like Brett Favres ankle, Brett Favre’s chin, Brett Favre’s elbow, Brett Favre’s shoulder, Brett Favre’s…….well you get the idea. People always ask me questions about what that injuries really means to the player.  A friend of mine Mike Scott, DPT had a similar idea and since he is much smarter and more qualified to do it I encouraged him to follow through.

Now we have the inside scoop from a Physical Therapist who will break down current athlete injuries. Why should you care? Knowledge is power. Instead of only knowing an athlete is listed as (probable) for the next game you’ll now have an idea of how the injury would effect him even if they do play. Be a better informed Fantasy Owner, fan, and actually know what you’re talking about around the water cooler instead of say stuff like, “Did you hear about Jake Long’s labrum? He can hardly walk now”.

First-up: Boxer Antonio Margarito and his right orbital bone….

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