At home 15 minute TV workout

Hate commercials? Hate fat? Bingo! I present to you my 15 minute TV Workout!

When your show starts or comes back from commercial you will perform these exercises in order;

Push-ups (10-30 reps depending on your fitness level)

Bicycle crunches( as many as you can in 30 seconds)

Alternating Lunges( 10-40 reps depending on your fitness level)

Plank (as long as you can hold for)

Perform those exercises without a break in order until a commercial comes on.

When a commercial comes on perform jumping jacks for the entirety of the first commercial (commercials range from 30  seconds to 2 minutes) When that commercial is over you rest until the show comes back on.

Pick-up where ever you left off in your list of exercises.

Keep this going for 15 minutes or until your program is over. This quick workout requires no equipment, goes by quickly and will rev-up your metabolism. Try it out and let me know what you think.

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