Another reason to weight train to lose weight

You may already understand that weight training can help you lose weight and body fat through it’s ability to burn large amounts of calories. A literature review by Australian researches may have found some evidence that the nervous system may also effect weight loss through weight training.

It was concluded that the sympathetic nervous system decreases during weight loss. This nervous system triggers our “fight-or-flight” emergency response.  Weight loss suppresses the sympathetic nervous system and slows the metabolic rate and fat burning.

The good news is that weight training and interval training (another style I’m always praising) stimulate the sympathetic nervous system and thus increases metabolic rate.

What I take away from these findings is that the slow steady state style of cardio may burn calories but as you lose weight the sympathetic nervous system gets less stimulation and your metabolic rate may reduce to off set the weight loss. This is another reason 95% of people who lose weight put it back on within a year. 

I want you to consider weight training and high intensity forms of cardio to shed pounds.


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