Abs Myth and Tips 2

Myth #2- It takes 100’s to 1,000’s of crunches to build abs. Not true. LikeĀ i’ve mentioned abs should be trained like other muscle groups and that is true with the amount of reps and sets. If done properly; crunch until the bottom of your shoulder blades (scapula) are off the floor, pausing and squeezing at the top, and lowering under control, 10-20 reps is all you should need on the majority of crunching exercises.

Tip #2- Also incorporate isometric or “holding” exercises such as the plank. I find that core strength is functionally built by isometric exercises rather than crunching motions. Planks also build the entirety of the core, not just the abdominals. The lower back and abdominals come into balance when performing planks thus becoming more functional for the body.

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