Ab Myths and Tips 1

Want to get the skinny (pun intended) on abdominal and core training? Read on as I expose the myths and give you some tips.

Myth #1You have to do crunches to get a 6 pack.  Crunch, sit-up, leg raise all you want and you will actually get a 6 pack! The bad news is you won’t see it! The truth is that we all have abs but it requires very low body fat to expose them. Those of us that carry our body fat in the stomach area will have an even harder time showing them off.

Tip #1Train your abs like any other muscle group. Just as if you perform a bicep curl, when doing crunches, come up, squeeze the muscles you are training, and lower under control. Just like the other larger skeletal muscles it is AS important to concentrate on the muscle, control the weight, and squeeze. Don’t just start heaving your shoulders and neck up and down. During each repetition of any ab exercise squeeze as if you were flexing at the beach.

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