A radical approach to a healthcare intervention (sarcasm)

Today, as you are reminded to the point of annoyance, is Election Day! Our chance as an American to have our voice heard and count. Trekking to NH to place my vote I reviewed the issues in my car. A highly debated topic, as it should be, is our healthcare system and what to do with it. I think we can all agree on two things;┬áthat it is too expensive and that it is important for people to have. Don’t worry this is in no way a political rant.

Beyond voting we all have a choice, multiple choices actually in this big, beautiful, free country. We have the choice to eat healthy (or not) and exercise or perform physical activity (or not). We face that choice everyday. Though, we do have a built environment that promotes poor eating and conveniences that lead to less activity at times we are also far and away the most exercise obsessed country on the planet. So, I feel that despite some discouraging elements to the American lifestyle and environment, lack of options is not a valid argument.

With that being said I just want to tap on everyone’s shoulder and remind them that health care and the healthcare system starts with YOU. We all have the ability to reduce its burden. Preventative care starts with the basics such as eating healthy and not over consuming along with getting adequate activity. If we all took responsibility of our own health we could greatly reduce the burden of an overly expensive healthcare system. Conditions such as back pain (#2 reason for visiting a PCP), Type II Diabetes, and heart disease can all be reduced or eliminated with a healthy lifestyle from diet and exercise intervention. This would also allow focus to be placed on actual MEDICAL attention for those fighting cancer, in need of emergency care and the disabled among others.

We all get the choice of voting today but the decisions we make everyday-all day have an exponential effect on this country. Exercise your right to exercise. Not a very radical idea after all.

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