A Common Mis-perception of our Training Clients

I write about mis-perception I have spoke on mis-perception on the radio and at health and fitness conferences. I am all about ridding the disabling mis-perception in regards to health, fitness, fat loss, training, etc.

One mis-perception I encounter often is how we are judged by the looks of our clients. Don’t get me wrong, to some degree, we should be. I do know that my better looking clients are marketing gold. BUT if you are one that judges a trainer by the looks of their  clients here is some food for thought.

The “fitter” a client is the EASIER they are to train (and often more fun). Anyone can train someone in shape. As a former intern director interns were only allowed to start working with completely healthy individuals of the general population. So if you see intern Ben and he is training with what looks to be a bikini model and I am working with Suzanne who can hardly stand due to hip surgery, who is the better trainer? Ben has the bikini model sweating through her sports bra with jump squats while the boys drool and the ladies are lined up with credit cards out to start a program with Ben. At the same time I’m on the floor with Suzanne trying to get her left gluteus to fire with an exercises that makes us both look like we are humping the air.

I’ll also defend trainers by saying that we have little control over what our clients put in their mouths. Unfortunately, you can’t outwork a bad diet. Trust me, I tried. You are what you eat so remember don’t judge trainers by their client’s body composistion entirely. Personal Trainers are responsible for movement; better, safer, more efficient, powerful, etc. We can’t confuse “fitness” with body composition. Choose a trainer based on their knowledge, experience and attitude, and judge only after working with them.


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