5 Reasons why New Year’s Resolutions are Stupid

Ok, ok  “stupid” is a bit harsh, but it got you to click through and before you get all upset, yes, I think resolutions are awesome. The issue is “New Year’s” resolutions. First off, take a look back at your personal track record. How successful have your resolutions been? Do you even remember your resolution from last year or has it been the same for like the past 10 years? Now of course some of you have had success and those of you who have practiced all the right methods necessary to form habits and change your lifestyle but I’m willing to guess you could have done that at other points in the year and New Year’s was arbitrary.  Here is a list of reasons why making a resolution (most of this are geared toward those looking to lose fat, exercise or adopt a healthier lifestyle) on January 1st is stupid.

1. Ah yes, January 1st. A new year and a new calender! New beginnings! Welllll for about half the world, actually. When it comes to resetting life an arbitrary day during our hemisphere’s winter means very little besides a chance to grab that new kitten calender for the office. Your body couldn’t care less what day it is.

2. Motivation is key when it comes to changing and forming or breaking habits. Anyone who lives in the North East of the US and other areas will tell you that what feels like 4 hours of sunlight a day is about as un-motivating as it gets. So right out of the gate you’ve put yourself in a position to fail. Did I mention it’s cold up here in Boston too?

3. Going to gyms in January is hell. Our industry runs on “resolutionists”. Please come, please pay, please stop coming so the equipment doesn’t get worn out. January is our biggest month of the year for two main reasons; New Year’s Resolutionists coming and by comparison lower attendance every other month because New Year’s Resolutionists stop coming. So let’s say you are trying to get back in the swing of things and sign up at your local gym. Your not a big fan of gyms as it is. Now let’s put you in a typical January gym experience. The gym floor is packed, all the cardio equipment is used, the group classes are full, the stretching area is full, there is a line for squat racks, the staff is stressed, there are no showers available and the cleaning crew can’t keep up with the bathroom filth. Is that the quality environment that is going to help you reinforce your workout habits? Hell, I don’t even like being in a public gym the first few months of the year.

4. Your diet and nutritional habits are at an all time low. Since you picked up the Halloween candy in October you have slowly put on the winter coat of fatness. I am no exception. By the time the ball drops on January 1st it is your pant’s button popping, not your champagne bottle. For three months you’ve had an inconsistent schedule. A consistent schedule can be vital to keeping good habits and even more important if you are trying to build those good habits. On top of that add a few holidays created solely to stuff your face it seems like. Each of those holidays come with three additional Holiday Parties; office, family, friends. Poor nutritional habits plus trying to get 10 extra pounds moving at the gym is not an ideal situation. Once again New Year’s Eve’s timing is about as bad as it gets.

5. Your hung over! Let me offer you a bad idea. You’re going to go to the gym tomorrow bright and early right after having a healthy breakfast. BUT tonight you’re going to pour champagne down your throat until you’re hammered, pay too much money to go to a club, dance with girls or guys that on any other night and with less intoxication you normaly wouldn’t,  argue with your friends whether Dick Clark is actually alive or a robot, stay up until 3am and go to sleep but only after eating a Pu Pu for two……..by yourself. What a great way to kick off the “new you”! You’ll feel so shitty the next day at the office after skipping your workout that even the kittens on your new kitten calender appear to be looking at you condescendingly.

There’s always next year, right?



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