5 Completely Obscure Ways to Avoid Over-Eating

First I’d like to say that I am not one for weight loss gimmicks or “tricks”. I promote getting it done the old fashion way; focus, knowledge, and a little hard work. But, when it comes time to re-training yourself to eat differently certain cues or techniques during crucial moments may help greatly. These 5 obscure tips are more for tricking the brain to behave differently than actual fat loss mechanisms. Many of these have also been found to work in clinical studies so they might be worth a shot. They are in no particular order.

1.  Brush your teeth immediately after dinner. This will pin two of your worst characteristics against each other, the hunger to eat a late snack vs. the laziness of having to brush your teeth again before going to bed.

2. Eat standing up. The more comfortable you are while eating the more likely you’ll remain eating!

3. Unplug your microwave for a week. Avoid the convenience of packaged food and take the time (while learning to cook) wholefoods.

4. Perform something you hate to do (but need to do) or exercise* when hunger sets in. Examples: take out the trash, walk around the block, do push-ups, make that call you’ve been avoiding, clean your email, etc. This will delay you from impulse eating, test your actual hunger (or did you just feel like tasting something?), and accomplish other tasks. Then if you still want to eat, go ahead. That’s a win-win-win kids!

5. (My Favorite). Anytime you want to eat sweets, cheat on your diet or have junk food……eat it with your shirt off. I won’t even explain more, just try it.




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