3 Ways to Make Your CrossFit Box Safer and Generate Revenue. (#2)

….continued from 3 Ways to Make Your CrossFit Box Safer and Generate Revenue Part 1.


2. Separate the technical movements/ olympic lifts into their own class.

CrossFit coaches can simply observe what the higher risk movements in a WOD are. OR just observe the movements or exercises that are performed with the worst technique. As most coaches will tell you these movements include the Olympic Lifts, kettlebell exercises, and the more difficult gymnastic movements.

One of the best parts about CrossFit is the high intensity and competitiveness of its classes. That can also be a double edged sword if someone hasn’t mastered the more technical movements. Add speed and high frequency to a movement not performed efficiently yet and it goes from 3..2..1..GO! to 3..2..1..GONE!

This is a great opportunity for CrossFit Boxes to add supplemental programming to their traditional WOD based classes. Add classes that teach those specific high risk movements all on their own. At CrossFit on the Hill we felt it was a good idea to create 2 “Barbell Strength” classes to our weekly schedule. This gives athletes a chance to take ┬áthe adequate amount of time to handle the barbell and master their power and olympic lifts with a coach. Each class we might review a variety of ┬áspecific or accessory lifts. We also have a Kettlebell Chaos class where work performed involves mostly handling the kettlebells. Coming down the pipeline we are hoping to add Running and Gymnastics. Whom ever teaches the specialized classes is required to be certified or have an athletic background in that specialty.

Separating these movements has MANY benefits worth considering for your Box:

1. Safety

2. Improved efficiency/ strength

3. Athlete has time to ask questions regarding the exercise.

4. Athlete can learn at their own pace.

5. A new member can familiarize them self with equipment such as a kettlebell or barbell.

6. Perfect place to add periodization and strength programming.

7. Additional revenue.

8. Allows each athlete to create a different CrossFit experience for themselves.

9. Elite athletes can work on weaknesses.


– Josh Gould


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