3 Ways to Make Your CrossFit Box Safer and Generate Revenue. (#1)

My criticism  of CrossFit comes from love and caring for the sport and not from a know-it-all trainer who misunderstands what CrossFit is, which I see way too much. I don’t completely agree with the philosophies of the creator of CrossFit but I do know that I have never seen any fitness setting create such a beautiful community and competitive rich environment as CrossFit, not even close.

I’ll put it simply. A CrossFit facility (Box) is the only place that everyone there WANTS to be there and is WILLING to work hard. That is in stark contrast to the funeral like atmosphere of your local gyms cardio section. So, in my opinion CrossFit just needs to be sharpened as a whole, more knowledgable coaches and smarter programming. I look forward to sharpening.

After moving my  personal training business into a CrossFit facility 9 months ago, CrossFit on the Hill in Boston,  I have basically lived the CrossFit lifestyle from an outsiders point of view. Most of my training specializes in movement and corrective exercise. This creates quite the dynamic with CrossFit. It has also created a great situation to work with the CrossFit coaches to develop an elevated CrossFit experience.

Here are the  top 3 ways to make your CrossFit Box safer and generate revenue:

1. Screen your athletes (members)  for movement dysfunctions.

This seems to be unheard of in the CrossFit community but it’s rarely done properly in any fitness facility. We use an adaptation of Gray Cook’s Functional Movement Screening (FMS) on everyone who becomes a member. Every new member is offered an initial consultation with myself or one of the coaches. We perform and grade the movement screening along with a baseline workout to evaluate strength and conditioning. If a member scores poorly they are recommended to book a session with myself to evaluate them again and create programming to improve their dysfunction before letting loose in the high intensity classes. This can generate an additional revenue stream for 1-on-1 sessions or foundational courses. Its win-win-win. Your member moves and feels better, you’ve generated more revenue, and by  reducing injury you collect more money through continued membership.

I understand that not every facility will have a staff member educated in functional movement screening and corrective exercise but it is worth learning. You should also never be afraid to refer an athlete out to someone who does.

This week I am wrapping up a project I have been working on for sometime now on how to assess movement in the large group setting which is targeted for CrossFit coaches and their athletes. It is created to be easily digestible, super practical, and with immediate implementation. If you are interested in hosting a seminar contact me at [email protected] or www.Facebook.com/ExerciseExpertise


….to be continued.


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