3 signs to tell if your metabolism is slow

There are a few ways to tell if you’re metabolism is humming along at a blistering pace or crawling like a toddler. These signs can be┬ácaused by other conditions but in general these signs are consistent with those with slow metabolisms.

1. Cool body temperature, especially in the morning. Calories are burned by thermogenics of the body, THERMO-genics—as in heat. Calories produce heat as energy. Basal (resting) metabolic rates are often tested by taking one’s temperature upon rising.

2. Lack of weight training intensity. One must resistance train in a way that elicits a response from the body and forcing it to change in a variety of ways to the demand of the stress placed on it by the workout. Almost all exercise is beneficial for the metabolism but none of it has the effect that resistance training does. Unfortunately just lifting weights doesn’t get it done. We must train with enough intensity to elicit that response, then wreak the benefits of your hard work.

3. No appetite in the morning. Don’t like to eat breakfast? You have a slow metabolism. Your body has adapted to the lack of calories and it does so by slowing the metabolism. Try a litle force feeding. Anything, try anything to start. Don’t want to eat, try drinking–smootie, protein shake, whatever. A shitty breakfast is waaaaaay better than no breakfast.


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