3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Eating.

Many of us have the goal of eating healthier but sometimes we get off track and it would help if we had a system  keeping us from getting REALLY off track. We need a way to police ourselves. Here are three questions to ask before eating that might help make us more accountable and adhere to a better diet.

1. What is this food going to DO for ME?

Besides taste yummy could you honestly answer that question? In case you’ve been asleep this whole time the point of eating is to gather nutrition from the food to help the body function optimally. A great amount of dietary knowledge is not required and I wouldn’t expect anyone to answer with ” well I’m eating the branch-chained amino acids to maintain a positive nitrogen balance”.  Knowing which items on your plate are carbohydrates, proteins or fats and what each off them offers you is a good start and you’ll eat more productive meals going forward.

2. Would you send your Personal Trainer, Nutritionist or Dietitian a picture of your meal?

In other words are you proud or ashamed of what you’re eating and I don’t mean proud or impressed like the way Ron Burgundy was with Baxter for eating the entire cheese wheel in Anchorman.

3. Would you eat that meal on a first date with someone you’re trying to impress?

Asking yourself this question I imagine would eliminate a few of those Chinese Take-Out meals you grab on your way home from work that you try to inhale in complete privacy except the comforting bosom of trashy television.



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