1st Annual NH Hiking Trip


This weekend was our 1st Annual Fitness Community Hike joining my Exercise Expertise platoon and the CrossFit on the Hill athletes. Early Saturday morning under heavy overcast and heavier eyelids we drove up to the New Hampshire Lakes Region. I was fortunate to borrow my family’s time share in Gilford, NH which is on Lake Winnipesaukee by Gunstock Ski Resort.

Locked and loaded we headed towards Mt. Major. The children seemed giddy and excited for the hike ahead. We have to thank our driver Oliver for our transportation.


In the colder mountain climate and thick forest we were surprised by the snowy trail. Those new to hiking quickly learned why hiking boots are made for hiking and basketball sneakers are made for ……basketball. Mt. Major is a moderately difficult hike and only took about 2 hours to reach the top.

Through the snow and mud we hiked to the top. Our reward was one of the best views in New England. Mt. Major is notorious for its panoramic view, with a flat  ledge top and a low tree line. Even with burning legs and sore egos reaching the top and seeing the lakes region below made everything better.

The moaning and groaning subsided and the smiles came out except for Coach Jenna, so we tossed her. Consider it a sacrifice to the Hiking Gods.

We slipped and slid our way down our snowy decent knowing a warm meal and a cold beer was waiting for us at the bottom.

We said our good-byes to those heading back to civilization while the remaining survivors went off to enjoy the Weir’s Beach area. Ice cream sundaes, more drinks and 3 rounds of candlepin bowling and we were beat. I fell asleep on the couch within minutes of getting back to my place.

Four of us remained. Up at 7am we slammed some breakfast and headed north for one more hike. This time it was a loop trail that trekked two summits, Mt. Cotton and Mt. Livermore over looking Squam Lake. We refueled our cars and bodies at a classic diner in Meredith, NH and limped our way back down the highway to Boston.

It was an honor to show off my home state but also to prove the value of physical activity outside the confining walls of a gym. Get out and explore the wilderness as nature intended.

See you next year!

– Josh Gould

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