1 arm weaker than the other?

Anyone I have ever worked out or worked out with has had one side of their body stronger, imbalanced, or smaller than the other.  Why? It could be due to a number of reasons. The weaker or smaller side may get less blood flow due to poor circulation on that side of the body. If an area of the body receives less nutrient rich blood it is less likely to grow.  The problem may also have developed as the body developed because of genetics. If one side of the body was immobilized due to injury there is a chance for atrophy (muscle loss) to occur also.

The main reason for one side feeling  “weaker” is due to the nervous system being untrained to use that side. If you are “right handed” and your left arm feels weaker during an arm exercise such as curls it is more likely a case of neuromuscular adaptation than your right arm actually having more muscle than your left. Neuromuscular adaptation is the process of the nervous system adapting to an exercise thus making you perform better at it making you feel stronger without any actual muscle growth occurring. If you are “right handed” you are use to holding things in your right hand so your nervous system has a better connection to curling that dumbbell. Your left arm lacks that connection thus making it seem more difficult regardless if both sides have the same amount of muscle.

-Josh Gould

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